5 biggest priorities for Raiders this offseason
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By Will Reeve Jr.

Here are the five biggest priorities for the Raiders this offseason following the Eagles victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

This previous season revealed some uncomfortable truths about the makeup of the Raiders’ roster, with commitment and effort decidedly coming into question on more than one occasion.

Wide receiver Michael Crabtree elected to come out swinging (literally) against the Broncos early in the season. Crabtree not only slugged Denver CB Chris Harris Jr. in the stomach a couple of snaps into the game, he followed that by instigating and perpetuating a fight with Broncos CB Aqib Talib because of the two’s unresolved beef from the previous season. Those choices were selfish and childish things to do, and exactly the type of antics that hurts team chemistry and cost games.

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Meanwhile, despite him running hard and playing very well down the stretch, running back Marshawn Lynch decided to charge off of the sideline, make contact with an official and come to the aid of Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters during an on-field scrum between the Raiders and Kansas City. The choice cost Lynch a healthy sum of money as well as a one-game suspension and also irked some of his teammates, according to the Athletic’s Vic...

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