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San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster may not be singing sweet home Alabama today following an arrest for second degree cannabis possession by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s office. For someone who had a dilute sample at the combine, Foster putting himself in a position to get caught was an error in judgment. At the same time, he, and many black men, are victims of racist drug laws that are no doubt harsher below the Mason Dixon line.

Most NFL beat writers and those who are compelled to adhere to the status quo and inside-the-box thinking are ripping Foster for his error in judgment, reminding us all how cannabis is banned as part of the NFL collective bargaining agreement and illegal in Alabama. Their point is valid but do not consider that the institutional racism that has been integrated into drug legislation in the United States to target black people have caused much more damage to African American communities than Foster’s offense.

While some internet tough guys shared opinions like this:

A lot of people like to live in denial of how integrated racism is into some of our institutions, but the reality is that even when taking into consideration the rates of cannabis use between blacks and white, blacks are more likely to be arrested for cannabis in every state in America and over 8 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than whites in some states, and this is because drug laws in America were devised to be...

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