4 things Falcons can learn from the Super Bowl
/ Falcons

By Matt Urben

The Eagles, against all odds, completed an upset of the Patriots in one of the most exciting Super Bowls in recent memory.

Since the Falcons were in a similar position last season, we thought it’d be appropriate to look at four things they could learn from the Eagles’ triumphant victory.

There used to be a common attitude around the league that when your quarterback goes down, your chance of winning dies. But that is simply untrue in the modern NFL.

Nick Foles, at 29 years old, played a near-perfect game against Tom Brady and Patriots. The Eagles were written off once starter Carson Wentz was lost for the year, and rightfully so, as Wentz was playing at an MVP level before his injury.

The NFL is loaded with guys like Foles that fail for all types of reasons, including scheme, coaching and opportunity. The Eagles’ ability to stay aggressive with their backup was the difference in their Super Bowl run.

The same could be said of Vikings QB Case Keenum, who played out of his mind despite never looking like a starter prior to this season. Backup quarterbacks matter and the Falcons ought to pay...

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