3 reasons scouts want to gamble on Josh Allen (besides ‘he’s tall’)
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By Ian Boyd

It seems like every year the NFL becomes enamored with a player who didn’t exactly wow fans and analysts of the college game. Those players tend to follow a similar profile: big athletes with strong arms and great measurables despite less impressive results at the college level.

The debate between college fans and scouts tends to look something like this:

“If he’s a good hitter, why doesn’t he hit good?” could just as easily read, “if he’s a good quarterback, why doesn’t he complete passes good?”

In 2017, a few players fit that profile, but by far the most polarizing is big, strong, athletic, mildly successful Josh Allen.

Allen had a pretty big sophomore year, throwing for 3,203 yards for an 8-6 Wyoming that narrowly lost the Mountain West title to San Diego State before narrowly losing to BYU in the Poinsettia bowl. During that bowl game, Josh Allen made several eye-catching plays and appeared clearly on the NFL radar.

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Then his junior year happened, which looked much more like a regression than Allen arriving as a prospect. His passer rating fell to 127 (No. 73 in the country), his completion percentage remained around 56, and his numbers again fared poorly against Power 5 teams and top mid-majors like Boise...

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