25 years later, justifying the Falcons' trade of Brett Favre
/ Falcons

By Andy Hendricks

Here’s an infamous NFL trivia question: “Who originally drafted Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre?”

Atlanta Falcons fans are not particularly keen on the answer, as most know that Atlanta originally drafted Favre, then traded him to Green Bay for just a first-round pick prior the 1992 NFL season.

The rest is history, as Favre became the legendary Gunslinger, leading the Packers to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances and carrying the Minnesota Vikings deep into the postseason. With all of Favre’s accolades, records, accomplishments and his gold jacket, this trade seems like one of the worst in NFL history. After all, the  No.19 overall pick, which was used to select Tony Smith, doesn’t seem like much in return for an all-time great.

However, when all the details are considered in the context of this controversial trade, it begins to make sense.

Most quarterbacks are thought to be the life of the party. Favre was — exceedingly so. It was well known that he partied hard and he even developed substance abuse issues. Later in his career at Green Bay, his troubles caught up to him. Alcohol and painkillers were his demons, and it got to the point that he had to enter the NFL’s program for drug...

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