2018 NBA Draft roundtable: Should the Atlanta Hawks aim to trade up from No. 19 overall?
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By Brad Rowland

The 2018 NBA Draft is nearly here and, before it arrives on June 21, the Peachtree Hoops staff gathered in roundtable fashion to answer a few pertinent questions. In the second installment, we ask the panel whether the Atlanta Hawks should aim to trade up from No. 19 overall and, if so, which players should be the target of that kind of move?

Note: More information on specific prospects can be found in our pre-draft scouting reports.

Brad Rowland: Absolutely. There is, as always, a cutoff point in which it is no longer worth it to pursue a move up but Atlanta’s assets (including another future 1st-round pick from Cleveland) provide ammunition for a move. I’m of the mind that it may be best to simply stay put and select four players but, for instance, if one of the Bridges (Miles and Mikal) slipped or the Hawks became smitten with Robert Williams after selecting Luka Doncic at No. 3, I could easily justify a deal to snatch a value pick.

Jeff Siegel: Everything should be considered when it comes to trades, but outside of the top ten, I don’t think there’s a ton of difference between the guys who will go in the early teens and a player the Hawks could take at 19. If they have the ammunition to get into the top 10 and pair whomever they take at 3 with either of the Bridges or Michael Porter, then that’s something I would heavily consider, but otherwise I’d stand pat at...

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