2018 NBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks Guard Options at 30th Overall
/ Hawks

By Dallin Duffy

With all the excitement building up for the 2018 NBA Draft, most of the focus is– rightfully so– centered on the #3 overall pick the Atlanta Hawks own.

Interest tapers down for the more casual fans after that pick, and even more after the Hawks 19th pick from the T-Wolves.

While those picks are the marquee spots, the 30th pick they own, via the Rockets, can potentially be just as important.

In recent drafts there have been multiple guards taken in the last picks of the first round that have turned into solid players.

Kyle Anderson (30th in 2014), Dejounte Murray (29th in 2016), Malcolm Brogdon (36th in 2016), and Josh Hart (30th in 2017) all quickly became strong contributors to their respective teams. Let’s take a look a few guards who can follow in their footsteps for the Hawks.

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