2018 LA Rams training camp August 12 practice live updates thread
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How do you deal with complacency?

That was clearly the question Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay was trying to answer yesterday at the end of a training camp practice that saw his team, well, not getting after it. And he was clearly non-plussed in his comments afterward:

We don’t get enough opportunities to get out here and practice and we’ve got to maximize every single one. Today is going to be a good chance for us to look back at this tape and find a way to get better. But I think all the guys would agree, we’ve got to have better urgency from the start. That’s just the bottom line. We can say what we want about when we got back, but however you want to cut it, we’ve got to be better than that.


I think just from the start, we just need to be a little bit more crisp. A lot of different situations – putting guys through some challenging stuff and really forcing them to think – especially when you get tired, that’s when you really got to have great focus and concentration. It’s something we could all utilize to get better from and these experiences are really valuable for us, when it’s the unscripted and a lot of different situations where they have to react just like in a...

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