2 Giants Super Bowls ranked among top 5 all-time by NFL.com
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By Doug Rush

Now that it has been 48 hours since the conclusion of Super Bowl LII, people have already began to put the Philadelphia Eagles’ upset of the New England Patriots among the best of all-time.

With the Eagles being the second team in history to conquer the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick-led Patriots, and by doing so in dramatic fashion, the game is already being considered an epic.

But is it considered the best ever? Not quite.

In NFL.com’s power rankings of the top Super Bowl games in history, this past Super Bowl is currently ranked third on the all-time list.

Also spotted on the list are two Super Bowls that the Giants took part in. Super Bowl XXV between the Giants and Buffalo Bills, a game that was considered one of the best ever for a long time and for 17 years, was considered the greatest Super Bowl win in team history.

Super Bowl LII has gotten a lot of comparisons to Super Bowl XXV with Nick Foles leading the Eagles to victory since he was the team’s backup and took over late in the season for the injured starter in Carson Wentz, like Jeff Hostetler did for Phil...

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