2⁄3 of fans would rather have Patrick Mahomes for a comeback drive than Tom Brady
/ Patriots

By Matthew Rewinski

My dad may be a man of few words, but occasionally he’ll still crank out an all-time knowledge bomb like this:

“Yes, everybody can have their own opinion, but that doesn’t mean your opinion can’t be wrong.”

(This line was also dropped on me when I was maybe in second grade, so in hindsight that might explain a lot)

That’s today’s relevant dad quote because on Friday, SB Nation ran the following hypothetical that’s normally settled over brews and a giant shared plate of something deep-fried and covered with enough cheese to make sure American cheese never dies despite millennials trying to kill it:

Would you rather have Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes leading a game-winning drive in 2018?

Like any good “would you rather?”, we need to set some terms here.

So after Mahomes’ hot start and Brady’s sudden re-entry to the orbit of merely good quarterbacks, it’s no longer such a stretch to ask which player you’d rather have in 2018. But let’s take it a step farther. Your team is trailing by four points. There are 90 seconds on the clock. They’ve got two timeouts and the ball at their own 8-yard...

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