In the Hunt or In a Rut? Jets Being Teased in Silly AFC
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The New York Jets are still “in the hunt” for a playoff spot this season.

Wait, what?

Yep. At 4-6, the Jets are currently the projected 9th seed in the AFC, and the playoffs aren’t totally out of reach quite yet.

But why the tease? This team was projected to be worse than the Browns this year, yet here they are still fighting for a potential playoff spot. How does this make any sense?

Well the AFC is a funny division. The only two teams that have really secured their spot in the playoffs so far are the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers (not statistically, but in theory). Everyone else seems to be scratching and clawing for a chance to dance with the big dogs.

Yet, hope is still prevalent within the Jets simply because the guys currently sitting ahead of them aren’t really all that great.

AFC Playoff Picture:

7. Buffalo (5-5)

8. Miami (4-6)

9. New York (4-6)

The Bills and Dolphins, who currently each sitting above the Jets in terms of the teams right outside of playoff contention, have fallen apart as of late. The Jets have split their season series with each of them, and the rest of the season will ultimately result in one of them falling well out of their current ranking, simply because Miami and Buffalo will still play each other twice within the next six...

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