Report: Dan Gilbert Tried to Trade Kyrie Irving and Asked LeBron to Commit Long Term to Cavs, But Was Told No

Jason McIntyre, THE BIG LEAD

We’re three days from the start of NBA free agency and the Cleveland Cavaliers still don’t have a general manager. That’s scary stuff, when you consider what the Boston Celtics are trying to do to improve, and what the Houston Rockets are doing. Hell, the Lakers have gotten significantly better.

The Cavs, meanwhile, with the 2nd best player in NBA history just a year away from free agency, aren’t factors at all.

As if that wasn’t enough, this bombshell dropped in Cleveland earlier this week: Cavs owner Dan Gilbert allegedly nearly traded for Paul George and Eric Bledsoe – Cleveland would have lost Kyrie Irving – but when the billionaire went to LeBron asking for assurances he’d stay, The King said he couldn’t do that.

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