Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele May Have Let Slip That The Patriots Cheated Again Last Season In Interview


Gisele Bundchen sat down with Charlie Rose of ABC Wednesday, and may have accidentally let slip that her husband and/or the Patriots could have broke another NFL rule season last season.

Bundchen noted that Tom Brady has had concussions, including one last season, unbenouced until now. On problem – the Patriots never cited Tom Brady for a concussion at any point during that time.

“Football … like he had a concussion last year,” Gisele said. “I mean he has concussions pretty much every [year?] … I mean, we don’t talk about. But he does have concussions.”

This could mean one of four things: Brady never disclosed he had a concussion to the medical staff, the Patriots did not follow through with league mandated concussion protocol, the protocol never showed a concussion until it was later diagnosed, or the Patriots did know, and in effort to keep their quarterback on the field, never listed him on the injury report for a concussion.

NFL concussion protocol was first implemented in 2009, adjusted in 2011 and tweaked in the last five years, including disciplinary action for teams that do not follow such rules properly.

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