Which NBA Player Could Beat Wilt’s 100-Point Game?

Shea Serrano, THE RINGER

hursday marks the 55th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game, the single most unbreakable record in sports. So here’s a simple question that is actually complicated: Which NBA player today could hit that mark? Let’s answer that, but let’s work in reverse order. Rather than just walk through some potentials, let’s start with a group of players, add in some prerequisites that’d be needed to score 100 points, then remove any players from the group who don’t meet said prerequisites. We do that until there’s only one player left, and bang: That’s how you figure out the answer.

First, an aside: Part of the reason why Chamberlain was (and is) so fascinating is because he seemed to exist between realms, the center point of a Venn diagram for Unbelievable Stats That Are Actually True and Unbelievable Stories That Definitely (Probably) Aren’t True. And his unbelievable stats that are actually true are so unbelievable that they make the stories about him that are definitely not true feel like, whoa, wait a second, they might actually be true.

For example, consider this: There have been 30 games in Warriors franchise history when a Dubs player has scored 60 or more points. Joe Fulks did it once (in 1949, when the Philadelphia Warriors were in the BAA). Rick Barry has one (1974). Klay Thompson has one (2016). And Wilt Chamberlain has the other 27. This is an unbelievable stat that’s actually true...

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