Russell Wilson's tribute to Peyton Manning is all class

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will take some more time to decide on his future, but if Super Bowl 50 was his last game ever, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson sent him off with a heart-warming farewell.

Manning has accomplished a lot throughout his NFL career, both and off the field, but what Wilson remembers most is a moment they shared back when he was in high school.

Via The Players' Tribune:

Sheriff, If this is it, there’s one moment I won’t forget.10th grade. Louisiana. At your quarterback camp. You inspired the kid in the green shirt.You inspired me to work hard. To be disciplined. To be respectful. To take notes.You inspired me to love the process. To love the sweat. To love the tears. But most of all …You inspired me to love the game.Thanks, Peyton. If this is it, Thanks.

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