Projecting All 30 MLB Teams' Next Big Thing

Joel Reuter, Bleacher Report

Regardless of whether a team is a perennial World Series contender, a fringe playoff team or a cellar-dweller, there is always at least some reason for excitement looking ahead to the future.

Whether it is a single player destined to be a superstar or a deep minor league system overflowing with talent, the "next big thing" is always waiting just around the corner to change the outlook of a franchise.

Hype and actual on-field production are two very different things, and not every next big thing pans out, but it gives fans a reason for optimism nonetheless.

So with that in mind, what follows is a look at the next big thing for all 30 MLB teams.

In order to be eligible for the list, a player has to carry rookie eligibility into the 2016 season, and most players here are expected to make an impact at some point in the next two years.

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