Here Are All The Lies Roger Goodell Told During His State Of The NFL Press Conference

Today was the day we finally got to hear from Roger Goodell, the press conference that reporters wait for all year so they can finally ask the emperor questions. I know, I don’t get it either. Why wait for one special day rather than just call him on a random Wednesday, as Roger makes himself available to the media every single day. He told us that himself.

Anyway, every year it’s a case study in lies, evasion, and softball questions. This year was less aggressive and contentious last year, as it’s been a pretty boring year. But ol’ Roger still gave us his best and left us with plenty of lies and half-truths.

- Girls can play football in the NFL

No they can’t, Roger. Never seen a single one. He told a little girl that she can definitely play in the NFL one day, that is a lie. If IceBox can’t make the NFL then neither can some little Play 60 chick.

- Encourage teams to pay cheerleaders

I didn’t even understand this one. You “encourage” the fans to pay the cheerleaders? Do you “encourage” teams to follow rules or do you tell them to do it? Call everyone up and say, “Hey, pay those dancing women a fair wage, or at least more than a nickel a game.”

- Will release Peyton facts when they have them

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