Steve Young Has Some Advice for Kaepernick

Danny Webster, Bleacher Report

Colin Kaepernick reportedly doesn't want to play for the San Francisco 49ers anymore, but as the signal-caller's undercontract until 2020, he'll have to make do as long as new head coach Chip Kelly keeps him around.

One person who knows about succeeding in San Francisco is Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young. The former 49ers Super Bowl champion had some bold words on the current state of the franchise and some advice for Kaepernick regarding the immediate future between him and Kelly, per Paul Gutierrez of

I would go to Chip Kelly and tell him, 'Whatever happened last year, whatever you saw, whatever you thought was a weakness in my game, whatever the holes, the cracks in the wall, I'm going to fix. I made some mistakes. I lost the team a little bit. I lost the locker room a little bit. I didn't respond the way I should have to adversity. But I've learned. I've figured it out. And I've got the talent; I've got the ability to make your offense hum.

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