Steph Curry tells the harrowing tale of the time he got hit with the Kobe Bryant death stare

Way back before the MVP award and the championship and the 24-game winning streak, Steph Curry was a naive 21-year-old NBA rookie. And during one Warriors home game against the Lakers, he made a terrible mistake. He tried messing with the Kobe Bryant.

Steph recounted the incident to Clay Skipper at GQ.

Skippers asks, “This being Kobe’s last All-Star game, do you have a favorite Kobe memory?”

Steph tells his story:

Our rookie year we were playing at Oracle and they had a 3-point lead down the stretch. He got fouled, going to the free throw line to ice the game with two free throws. As he’s walking from one end of the court to the other, I’m this rookie that’s just kind of living in the moment and I walk up to him as he’s walking to the free throw line: “Hey, man, you nervous about these free throws?”

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