End the Hypocrisy: Stop Criticizing Cam's Celebrations

ESPN’s Skip Bayless and Brian Urlacher aren’t fans of Cam Newton’s celebrations. Neither is one mother in Tennessee, who wrote a letter to the editor slamming Newton’s “chest puffs… pelvic thrusts… arrogant struts and ‘in your face’ taunting.”

Talk radio is having a field day trolling Newton as arrogant and immature. Ditto for social media, where the Panthers’ quarterback has suddenly become the most polarizing figure in sports. The Guardian characterized Newton as “conservative white America's heel from hell.

Sure, the NFL has become the “No Fun League,” but the overreaction to Newton’s joyful celebrations is getting out-of-hand.

After all, this is the same league where Aaron Rodgers’ post-touchdown championship-belt celebration is so popular, it’s sponsored by State Farm. So why does Rodgers get million-dollar endorsement checks while Newton gets criticized?

Newton has the answer.

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