2016 National Signing Day results: The full schedule, all the big commits and more

Welcome to National Signing Day, a day of great excitement and anxiety and promise and rage.

All day, former high school football players will pledge their allegiances to institutions of higher learning. Coaches, fans, analysts and other players will spend the entire time sweating out these transactions. At the end, we'll declare a winner. It'll surely be one of these seven schools, which includes five-time defending Signing Day champion Alabama.

None of this really matters though, right? Isn't it all just hat dances, sick Photoshops, creepy tweets, soft commits and shady coaches changing jobs hours after the ink's dry?

Oh hell naw (but yet it is all that). It matters a ton. There's really no way around it. Playoff spots are all but being decided today. I said, "all but," which is a magic pair of words that makes it so I can say any other words I want in that sentence without it being crazy.

The single name to know is that of consensus No. 1 recruit Rashan Gary of New Jersey, favored to go to Michigan (here are predictions on the rest of the top 10 still yet to commit), though these things are never official until they're official. Read these 21 true stories of Signing Day madness to get yourself into the proper frame of mind for the day ahead of you.

If nothing else, somebody will probably commit by using a live animal or a human baby as a prop. Both usually happen.

Below, you will find:

  1. The Signing Day commitment announcements schedule
  2. A list of all the day's big commits, flips, drama and such

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