7 of the 11 longest consecutive NCAA Tournament streaks are in major jeopardy

The "nobody is safe" mantra is one that college basketball fans have been able to utilize on a night-to-night basis since the beginning of the 2015-16 season. As we inch closer and closer to Selection Sunday, it's becoming apparent that the maxim also applies to the bigger picture as well.

Eleven programs entered this season with streaks of five or more consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. Here they are:

1. Kansas (26)
2. Duke (20)
3. Michigan State (18)
4. Gonzaga (17)
4. Wisconsin (17)
6. Louisville (9)
7. Ohio State (7)
8. San Diego State (6)
9. VCU (5)
9. Cincinnati (5)
9. North Carolina (5)

The three names on the top (yes, even Duke) and the one on the very bottom appear to be safe, but every single other name on that list is in danger of not being there one month from now.

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