Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Cover-Up Alleged in New York Daily News Report

Just one week after Peyton Manning triumphed in Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos quarterback's reputation has been called into question due to his alleged involvement in a sexual assault during his time at the University of Tennessee.

According to Shaun King of the New York Daily News, in court documents from 2003 that were recently obtained, it was alleged that in 1996, Manning sexually assaulted Dr. Jamie Naughright, who was serving as the associate athletic trainer for the Volunteers football program. 

Per the document, which was drafted by Naughright's lawyer, when Naughright was examining Manning's foot for a potential stress fracture, he allegedly "forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly on her face with his penis on top of her head." She later reported the incident to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Manning reportedly denied the incident, while Naughright's superior and athletic trainer Mike Rollo said it was an accident that occurred when Manning mooned teammate Malcolm Saxon.

Saxon denied that explanation and claimed that he lost his eligibility at Tennessee for not going along with the story in a letter sent to Manning, according to King:

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