FBI Questions Former NFL Player Jeremy Shockey About Gambling And Drug Ring

Former Carolina Panthers and New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey found a surprise at his door recently when the FBI showed up to question him about an illegal gambling and drug ring.

A few weeks back, former USC tight end Owen Hanson was discovered as the No. 1 suspect in an international gambling and drug ring called ODOG Enterprise, where millions of dollars in transactions have gone through.

Hanson’s involvement is what triggered the police to show up at Shockey’s door after Shockey gave Brad Hamilton of the New York Post insight into what he thought was a legitimate business with Hanson. Shockey was reportedly cooperative with the police and answered their questions.

Here’s more on the story from BroBible:

According to the indictment, 22 people have already been charged, including two-time Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl winner Derek Loville—who is being charged of distributing drugs in Arizona.

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