The list of players the Browns could have drafted since 2010 is mindblowing

Jason Garcia, FOX Sports

The Cleveland Browns have been known to butcher a draft or two, or 10. Their list of first-round busts since 1999 is littered with names like Courtney Brown, Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden.

Looking back at the Browns' most recent drafts prior to 2015 is enough to make any Cleveland fan's head spin -- not for their own terrible picks, but also for the players they could've had. While no one can blame the Browns for not selecting Antonio Brown in 2010 (after all, every NFL team passed on him at least a handful of times until Pittsburgh nabbed him in the sixth round), the talent that Cleveland missed out on from 2010 to 2014 is absolutely mindblowing.

Imagine a Browns team with Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham at tight end with Odell Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins on the outside catching passes from Russell Wilson, who also has Le'Veon Bell lined up behind him in the backfield. Believe it or not, it could've been.

We'll begin with the disaster that was the 2014 draft. Since it wouldn't be fair to the Browns' war rooms for not reaching for picks in later rounds, we'll only count draftees that came off the board before the Browns' next pick. Additionally, we'll only focus on the first three rounds since the later rounds are virtually a crapshoot.

Factory of Sadness - 2014 Draft


No. 8: Justin Gilbert, CBNo. 12: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Giants

 No. 13: Aaron Donald, DT, Rams

 No. 15: Ryan Shazier, LB Steelers

 No. 16: Zack Martin, G, Cowboys

 No. 17: C.J. Mosley, LB, Ravens

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