As tip-off nears, a small crowd gathers on the sideline to watch the point guard whose scintillating shooting has taken the league by storm warm up. Fans sport jerseys and shirts with his name and number; some are waving markers, clamoring to get an autograph, and others brandish iPhones in hopes of a selfie. The object of their attention reached celebrity status in just his mid-20s, and his play has turned his team's fortunes around. His name is not Stephen Curry.

"To be out there and play through mistakes, be able to shoot the ball, has been fun," Jimmer Fredette told VICE Sports. He was fresh off a near 25-point triple-double, and an hour away from scoring another 27 points on 12 field-goal attempts for the Westchester Knicks. "The support has been great. The community is really rallying around this team. It's been really cool to watch."

Anyone who has followed Fredette's career knows that this isn't his first time going through Jimmer-mania. Fredette was a national sensation at Brigham Young University not too long ago, averaging 28.9 points a night in his senior year. He attempted more than eight threes a game, many of those from 30 feet and beyond—the aptly dubbed "Jimmer range." The Sacramento Kings took Fredette tenth overall in the 2011 NBA Draft, betting that his dominance would translate to the pros.

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