Here are the top 100 NBA free agents of 2016

Tom Ziller, SB Nation

It's be clear: the 2016 NBA free agent class is not particularly good or deep. With an explosion of salary cap space coming for most teams, there's really not much to spend it on. The headliner could make for an interesting July, and at a team level, there's a lot of intrigue. But it's pretty difficult to get worked up about the actual available free agents outside the top 25 or so.

That said, we hope you enjoy this ranking of the top 100 free agents of 2016! We listed all known contract situations according to the useful, and we included everyone who has the potential to become a free agent via a player or team option or a non-guaranteed contract. There are roughly 150 more guys who didn't make the cut. We plan to add them in future revisions of this list.

The next version of this list will hit in late February, so share your feedback in the comments.

1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder


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