The Big 12 wants to change conference championship rules, whether the Big Ten likes it or not

Matt Brown, SB Nation

After the National Championship, the next big event on the college football calendar might have nothing to do with athletes or coaches. For now, anyway.

The 2016 NCAA Convention is next week, and near the end, administrators will vote on the Big 12 and ACC's proposal to deregulate rules surrounding conference championship games. If those conferences have their way, conferences will no longer be required to have 12 teams to host a football championship and can decide themselves how to set one up. If it fails, one national writer thinks the Big 12 has a 70 percent chance of expanding.

(The ACC already has a title game, but it could be looking at splitting up its divisions creatively. The Big 12 wants to add one, despite its history suggesting that's a questionable idea.)

So if you're a fan of a Big 12 program, or a school that wants in, like BYU, Cincinnati or Houston, next week is huge. The process is a little complicated, so we reached out to an NCAA spokesperson.

What was the proposal?

Here's the rationale:

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