Why does Brian Urlacher suddenly have lots of hair? I asked him

Eric Edholm, Yahoo Sports

suddenly has hair, a good amount of it, and it’s wild to look at.

The retired Chicago Bears linebacker has been bald since … birth? Ok, at least since his rookie year in 2000, when he had slightly more hair than a newborn. Which is fine, of course.

And all through his career, Urlacher was known for his mostly clean (close cropped?) dome. But now here Urlacher is, on Tuesday morning, talking about his newfound hair.

This is stunning. He’ll be 38 in the spring. Men our age (I’m a wee bit older) don’t suddenly regrow hair. Unless, of course, it’s chemical.

We’re not shills at the Shutdown Corner, we swear, but this snake oil appears to be legit! I’d lather that stuff all over my receding widow’s peaks in a second. This could be a real game changer.

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