Dexter Manley attributes black quarterbacks' mobility to 'running from the law'

Zac Al-Khateeb, Sporting News

Dexter Manley has a bizarre explanation (putting it nicely) for the mobility of black quarterbacks in the NFL.

Manley — a two-time Super Bowl champion and All-Pro defensive lineman — should really think twice before he spouts such nonsense, especially when people can hear him speak. Manley is also a former teammate of Doug Williams, perhaps one of the most well-known black quarterbacks in league history.

Then again, Manley isn't exactly known for making smart decisions. He left the Redskins in 1989 after failing his third drug test and retired in 1991 after failing a fourth. After a brief stint in the CFL, he was convicted of cocaine possession and sentenced to four years in prison in 1995, of which he served two years.

And yet he sees no irony in his statements on black quarterbacks today.

Even though his comment was thoughtless, Manley had the presence of mind to backtrack on what he said.

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