How T.O. Played in That Super Bowl With a Broken Leg

Terrell Owens played in just one Super Bowl, but he did so quite unforgettably, essentially ignoring the limits of the human body to get there. After he suffered a fractured leg and torn ankle ligaments that destroyed his ability even to put weight on the ankle, his own surgeon said he shouldn’t play again that season; other doctors recommended immobilizing the injuries for months.

In short: Owens couldn’t play and might end his career attempting to do so. One doctor went so far as to say that T.O.’s Philadelphia Eagles had an “ethical obligation” to do all they could to keep him off the field. So naturally, seven weeks after the injury, Owens waltzed into Super Bowl XXXIX, caught nine passes for 122 yards and went on to play another six seasons. (The one blemish on his return? The Pats beat the Eagles, 24-21, as Tom Brady ruined another happy ending for non-Bostonians.)

With Super Bowl 50 approaching, we caught up with the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist in New York to ask about that game, the most memorable celebrations of his 156 career touchdowns and his latest cause, Butterfinger’s Bolder Than Bold campaign, which is trying to bring back the showboat. (In case you had any doubts, we bolded each time he used the word bold.)

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