The real reason behind criticism of Cam Newton

The quarterback runs into the end zone, spikes the football and does his patented touchdown celebration. You know, the one we see over and over on replays and commercials — even YouTube videos, because people love to imitate it.

And yet Aaron Rodgers doesn't get called a showboat.

Surprised, aren’t you? It sounded a lot like Cam Newton, and, depending upon how you feel about him, you maybe rolled your eyes or gritted your teeth at the thought of him dabbing and dancing, enjoying himself on the field.

But why?

Rodgers, J.J. Watt, Johnny Manziel, Chris Long, every member of the Green Bay Packers who still has the energy to hoist themselves into the stands after scoring — I could go on and on. They all draw attention to themselves after making big plays, yet it’s Newton who is bringing about the ruin of sportsmanship and civilization.

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