This 5'7 Texas Tech WR can box jump onto things taller than himself

Peter Berkes, SB Nation

Cuba's Javier Sotomayor is the world record holder in the high jump. He's the only athlete to ever clear 8 feet, setting the record at 8 feet and 1/4 inch. Sotomayor was basically designed to be an incredible jumper, standing a long and rangy 6'5 with startling athleticism and explosive speed, especially for a man of his size.

Texas Tech wide receiver Jakeem Grant is not Javier Sotomayor. They play very different sports, and the Red Raiders star is not a statuesque 6'5. His official university bio lists him as 5'7, and that might be a little charitable. But he does have one thing in common with the Cuban legend: He can jump like crazy.

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