Cam is the Scariest Evolution of the QB Yet

1. How we arrived at Cam Newton

The evolution probably began with Fran Tarkenton. He was fast and fairly accurate, one of the first true dual-threat quarterbacks, though without much size. 

It continued with names like Roger Staubach and Detroit's Greg Landry. James Harris made the Pro Bowl in 1974 and remains one of the NFL's underrated pioneers—not only because he was the first black QB to start and win an NFL playoff game, but also because of his skill set.

Then there was John Elway. On and on the evolution went. QBs would get slightly faster, slightly stronger, slightly bigger, and eventually the throwing accuracy would catch up with the evolving prototype. Then, the evolution hit on two key players in the late '80s.

The first was Randall Cunningham, perhaps the most explosive running quarterback to play the game. Cunningham was not an accurate passer, but he turned average receivers into solid threats because defenses were so scared of his running ability. Opposing teams shifted resources to stopping him, allowing receivers to get open.

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