Best Professional Athlete Nicknames Of All Time

We love to give athletes nicknames based on their personalities, playing styles, and other things, but most are relatively unimpressive. However, these 20 athlete nicknames are awesome. They’re the best of all time and have stuck with the athletes they’re attached to.

20. Randy Johnson - The Big Unit

Very few nicknames describe someone better than "The Big Unit" describes Randy Johnson. He is nearly seven feet tall and could throw the ball well over 100 mph in his prime, making him one of the most feared pitchers in baseball history. While the fastball may have faded by now, he will always be a huge guy, which means the nickname will always stick.

19. Allen Iverson - The Answer

When he went to the 76ers, AI was considered "The Answer" to all of Philadelphia's problems. And with the money that came with going to the NBA, he was seen as "The Answer" to all of his family's problems. One thing is for sure: If the question was "who was the best scoring point guard of his era?" then "The Answer" would certainly be Allen Iverson.

18. Karl Malone - The Mailman

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