10 times athletes learned the hard way that throwing punches also hurts your own hand

Alysha Tsuji, FTW

Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin will be out for four to six weeks with a fractured right hand after getting into a fight with an equipment manager, according to USA TODAY Sports sources. It was strange news that broke on Tuesday morning.

However, this is far from the first time a professional athlete has lost playing time due to a self-inflicted injury from punching or kicking someone … or something.

For example, in no particular order:

1. Red Sox outfielder Ryan Sweeney fractured his knuckle after punching a door.Sweeney was frustrated after being robbed of a hit late in a game in July 2012. Afterwards, he told MLB:

“I feel like I just let the team down if it’s bad,” Sweeney said. “I feel terrible right now. Obviously when you hit something you just have so much adrenaline going and you don’t know what happened, so afterwards it just hurt a little bit.”

He was replaced for the ninth inning of that game and missed the rest of the season. He signed with the Cubs as a free agent the next season.

2. New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire badly injured his hand after socking a fire extinguisher.

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