WATCH: The Force Is Strong With This NFL Mashup Promo

Geoff Maglioccetti, Sports Grid

Star Wars Episode VIII might have been delayed a few months, but thanks to Austrian TV stations PULS 4, the wait just became a little bit more tolerable.

Based in Vienna, the station has released a promo featuring the final four teams remaining in the NFL Playoffs (or, as the station’s way cooler alternate title calls it…Mission Super Bowl) each “cosplaying” as characters from a galaxy far, far away. Tom Brady, for example, dons the helmet of Darth Vader, taking on an X-Wing piloting Peyton Manning. Meanwhile, Cam Newton and his stormtrooper battalion from Carolina take on Jedi Master Carson Palmer, who for some reason is flying Darth Vader’s Imperial Shuttle (I’m a nerd, these things are important to me!).

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