The Cavs and The Cav Nots; The Tragedy of David Blatt

Geoff Maglioccetti, Sports Grid

One of the fondly remembered sitcoms of the 1990’s, The Drew Carey Show would sometimes open with a title sequence featuring the entire cast declaring out loud that “Cleveland Rocks”.

For David Blatt, head coach of the city’s long suffering basketball franchise, the Cavaliers, on Friday afternoon, it certainly didn’t.

Despite a 30-11 mark that topped the Eastern Conference exactly midway through their regular season, Blatt found himself unemployed, fired from the Cavs after a year and a half. While short, Blatt’s tenure was eventful, with his lone summer with the team concluding with a trip to the NBA Finals, a six-game defeat at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.

Over the next few days, the tinfoil hat community that is NBA fans will look deep into the potential conspiracy theories behind Blatt’s sudden ousting, which came as suddenly as the Jacobs Field midges during Game 2 of the 2007 ALDS. Some will immediately point to superstar LeBron James as the culprit (or, in some Cavs’ fans eyes, the savior) behind the firing, for example. But all the theories, all the finger pointing hides a sad, but honest, truth.

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