Here's the only Tom Brady-Peyton Manning infographic you'll ever need

Eric Edholm, Shutdown Corner

Have you heard? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will meet  on Sunday for the 17th time in their careers. Glad we could alert you to this little-known milestone.

Yes, the Brady-Manning story might feel a bit stale now, but there’s a lot on the line in Sunday’s AFC championship game between Brady’s New England Patriots and Manning’s Denver Broncos. There’s also a decent chance that this is the final time we’ll see them face off. One day we’ll look back and marvel at what these rivals accomplished as individuals and with their respective teams, including the bulk of Manning’s career with the Indianapolis Colts where this rivalry was born in Brady’s second season and Manning’s third in the NFL.

You likely know that Brady is 11-5 against Manning, head to head. But we’ve compiled some other fun and fascinating numbers to encapsulate their careers and historic rivalry. Enjoy.

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