Ronda Rousey Promises to Rip a Dude's Arm Off in 'Saturday Night Live' Promo, Then Promptly Body Slams Him

Trace William Cowen, Complex

Though Saturday Night Live has recently made a few very questionable choices for host, this week's selection is clearly shaping up to be a hit. Ronda Rousey will lead the show with musical guest Selena Gomez on Saturday, with the first batch of promo clips effortlessly proving that Rousey should have no problem keeping viewers in the laugh zone.

"Take your arm off me or I'll rip it off," Rousey tells SNL cast member Beck Bennett, tasked with portraying one of the most annoying types of dude: the obnoxious suitor. Bennett, thankfully, is a method actor and decided to don some of this:

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