Cheat Sheet: 17 fun facts about the iconic Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry

The four best teams in the NFL are playing this weekend and I can't wait. When my editors and I started emailing about potential topics for this week's Cheat Sheet, ideas were batted around that made a whole lot of sense. What makes Larry Fitzgerald so special? Are Brady and Belichick the best QB/coach combo ever? Just how much does Carolina running back Mike Tolbert really weigh?

But Tom Brady and Peyton Manning just felt right, yet what can be said that hasn't been written a million times already? Well, I'd start by saying I was more impressed with how Manning managed his divisional-round playoff win, played within his own physical limitations, and let his defense -- not his arm -- lead the way last Sunday over the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'd then go a different route and say that if I was most impressed with Manning's intelligence and restraint, I was even more impressed with Brady's physicality and arm strength. Here he was, at 38, scrambling like a college kid and throwing darts.

So much to say, but I wasn't satisfied. So I emailed FOX Sports stats guru Steve Owens and said, "Forget the game. Give me the series. I want all the nuggets. All the inane facts. 16 games. Let's give the readers something theydon't know."

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