We're Determining QB Legacies the Wrong Way

1. Time to throw out QBs' postseason win-loss records

If there has ever been a time to take every quarterback's postseason win-loss records, put them on an island and obliterate them with a 100-megaton nuke, Godzilla style, that time is now. 

Aaron Rodgers is 7-6 in the postseason, a .538 winning percentage. Mark Rypien has a .714 postseason winning percentage. Trent Dilfer's is .833. Jake Delhomme's is .625. Mark Sanchez's is .667.

That's right, Mark Freaking Sanchez has a better postseason record than Rodgers.

We all know, of those players, who the best quarterback is. Yet we obsess over quarterback win-loss records, especially postseason ones. We talk about them all the time. Drool over them. You'll hear about Tom Brady's record, and Peyton Manning's, plenty this week. Just remember...Rodgers is 7-6.

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