Americans May Love ESPN, But Not As Much As They Love Eight Bucks

Matthew Zeitlin, BuzzFeed

56% of cable subscribers polled in a recent survey said they’d happily drop ESPN and ESPN 2 if it meant a lower cable bill.

America’s cable-watching public may be less attached to ESPN than many think, according to survey results released today.

In the survey, commissioned by BTIG research analyst Rich Greenfield, about 1,600 U.S. consumers were asked two simple questions: “If you could save $8 per month by removing ESPN and ESPN2 from your cable or satellite package, would you do it?” and “If ESPN and ESPN2 were ONLY available as a standalone service like Netflix, would you pay $20 per month to subscribe?”

Of the responders who are cable subscribers, 56% would get rid of ESPN and ESPN2, including 49% of men. “There’s this view that younger men are so dedicated to sports, but whether you look at age or sex, almost half of men would save eight bucks,” Greenfield wrote.

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