Bart Doan, Yard Barker

Just in case y’all didn’t know, this four team playoff thing is working out just fine.

Much like last year, where there wasn’t much suspense in the end, there was resolution. This is the bill of goods everyone wanted to purchase … finality over drama and controversy.

Hope everyone is happy.

Flatly put, Alabama dismantled Michigan State and Clemson thrashed Oklahoma in the second half, leaving no doubt as to who the two best teams in college football are entering what will end up being what should be an authentic CFB Playoff Championship.

Eight teams would be a disaster, as proven again last night. Last season, there was no one thinking anything other than the fact that Oregon and Ohio State had earned their right to play for the title, dusting off Florida State and Alabama, respectively. This year, there was no doubt, either.

The CFB Playoff is doing what it was set up to do, and doing it marvelously aside from the asinine time slots and pretend championing of New Year’s Eve as a television destination spot. Seriously, second half ratings for the MSU-Bama game had to be abysmal.

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