2016 NFL Draft: 15 Prospects With ‘Bust’ Written All Over Them

Jacob Kornhauser, Rant Sports

Talent evaluation is one of the most important aspects of building an NFL team and so often teams get it wrong. If they think any of these 15 players, all of whom are projected to be drafted in the first three rounds, are sure bets, they’re sorely mistaken. In fact, all of the players on this list are at serious risk of being busts.

15. DE DeForest Buckner - Oregon

Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports

Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports

Buckner is big and athletic, but has to work on his moves in the trenches. Guys like him are projected as top picks because of their size and athleticism, but some technical aspects of the game are overlooked in these cases. Buckner can still be a dominant defensive player in the NFL, but teams need to realize he has more work to do than it appears.

14. DT Adolphus Washington - Ohio State

There have been character issues raised about Washington recently and that's not something NFL teams take lightly. If they think he's going to be a problem off the field, it might not be worth having him on the field. His measurables are great, but it remains to be seen how well he can rush the passer at the next level.

13. CB Kendall Fuller - Virginia Tech

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