This is the unofficial document that's actually guiding NFL refs

rian Peterson takes a handoff from Teddy Bridgewater and darts left aiming for the C gap between the left tackle and the tight end. As he approaches the hole, the tackle on the right side of the line grabs theSeahawks' defensive end by the jersey and slows his ability to give chase. Peterson hits the hole and gets four yards before he's dragged down.

The Seahawks coaching staff and fans all scream in unison, "Holding! Holding!" They saw the jersey pull and want their 10 yards.

The umpire saw it too, as did the line judge - And they both kept their flags in their pants. No foul. Why? A hold on the opposite side of where the play went had zero impact on the outcome of the play.

That's officiating philosophy at work. And it's the subject of a rarely discussed document currently being reviewed at the highest level by the NFL and its officials. That document seeks to clarify rules and provide a consistent philosophy for all of the NFL's officiating crews. 

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