The National League's anti-DH arguments don't hold up anymore

Jesse Spector, Sporting News

When the general manager of the Cardinals — the Cardinals! — says that there is “momentum” for the idea of the designated hitter in the National League, it is not to be taken lightly.

John Mozeliak runs the most tradition-rich team in the Senior Circuit, serving as the main conduit between one of the most powerful owners in the game, Bill DeWitt, and the public. He is not someone who is reckless in actions or in words.

This is not about pushing for a landing spot in the lineup for Matt Holliday in his option year of 2017. Mozeliak admitted the season after this coming one “would seem to me a little fast” for adoption of the DH in the NL. It’s a matter of acknowledging reality.

The designated hitter has been in place in the American League since 1973, the year Bartolo Colon was born. While the rule has not destroyed the fabric of baseball, it has created a split between the leagues that not only appears untenable, but is a detriment to the NL.

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