Chris Davis Getting A Mega Contract Proves That Baseball Free Agency Is Dumb

Jayson Tabrys, Uproxx

Baseball free agency is dumb. It’s (sadly) not the drunken mad dash that occurs in the NFL and you don’t see a half-dozen teams blow-up their roster years in advance to get a shot at a superstar like you do in the NBA — no, as is common with all things baseball, the free agency chase is a crawl that has never been more teeth-gnashingly frustrating than it has been this off-season.

Blame the qualifying offer, that ties the forfeiture of an unprotected first round pick to free agent superstars (and Ian Kennedy), occasionally pushing players to wait until early in the season to sign, much to the detriment of everyone involved. Blame the months-long game of chicken that players play with teams while holding out for just a little more juice. All the while watching lesser players get overpaid early in the process.

You can’t say that game of chicken didn’t benefit Chris Davis and his agent, Scott Boras, this time around. Reports are that Davis is going to sign a deal that will pay him $161 million dollars for 7 years. That’s $7 million more than the Orioles reported offer that surfaced during the Winter Meetings in early December.

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