Who is Liam Collins? Facts about the athlete responsible for Peyton Manning report

Cory Collins, Sporting News

Undercover no longer. Liam Collins became an American household name on Sunday morning, working in conjunction with Al Jazeera's investigative team to unearth "secrets of the sports dopers."

Over a period of six months, according to the Al Jazeera story, Collins navigated the seedy underbelly of performance-enhancing drug-dealing, fitting snugly beneath the cover of an old athlete (age 37) looking for his fountain of youth. "For me, it was an opportunity to be the guy, to go undercover, and make a change," Collins said.

And before the Al Jazeera documentary hit the air, Collins's reporting certainly sent shockwaves through the American sports world. The report implicates Peyton Manning most notably, but also baseball players such as Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman. Manning has called the report "garbage," and the Broncos have backed him. The pharmacist who dished the details to Collins — Charlie Sly — has recanted his story.

But who's the man behind the report? Who is this major-player in a football icon's legacy?

Who is Liam Collins, the athlete?

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