Ten lessons we learned from 2015 fantasy season to carry into next year

Michael Beller, Sports Illustrated

Congratulations to all of you who will spend this entire week celebrating fantasy championships. Chances are you taught your league-mates a thing or two on your way to a title in 2015. Those lessons, of course, aren’t the only ones that the fantasy community can take into next season and beyond. As always, this football season provided us with plenty of teachable moments that can help all of us build winning fantasy teams in the future. They all seem so obvious now, but they certainly weren’t when the season four months ago. They also won’t be nearly as fresh when we begin draft prep next summer. Take these lessons to heart and bookmark this page for your future self’s edification. You’ll need them before drafting your 2016 team.

1. The worst investment is the backend of the RB1 class

This is something we really already knew, but there were still some holdouts who refused to learn it in previous seasons. They no longer have a choice. The No. 6 through 12 running backs by average draft position were Matt Forte, C.J. Anderson, DeMarco Murray, Jeremy Hill, LeSean McCoy, Justin Forsett and Lamar Miller. The only ones who came anywhere near justifying their draft-day price tags were McCoy and Miller. The latter was the only one to finish in the top 12 in total points among running backs, while the former was the lone back in the group to be an RB1 by points per game. Forte had a fine season, but certainly didn’t provide first-round value. Anderson, Murray, Hill and Forsett were outright busts. There isn’t a subset of players with a higher bust rate. Remember this when you sit down at draft tables next summer.

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